Unique jfl-filmstrips Tell a Story and Uncover Beauty.

Mr. Lynders has been able to Synthesize Innovation, Creativity, Illustration, Photography and Cartooning and Design them together creating the jfl-filmstrip that allows him to visualize subtle stories and uncover beauty.

This combining of the familiar cartoon and film formats apparent constraints amazingly allows the telling of subtle picture stories where your feelings and IDeas are set free to run wild.  My jfl-filmstrips are designed
to reveal More of the extraordinary spirit, feelings and beauty among the ordinary objects, places and people wherever we happen to be.

All jfl-filmstrips are signed, numbered and framed by the artist Joseph Lynders in thin outline 8x10 frames that step back allowing maximum exchange of IDeas and feelings. This format allows multiple pictures looking right when hung alone or in Groups.

Here are a few examples of my art which I am dedicating to the Truth, to Reversal of Fortune and to the Extraordinary Beauty to be found in the Ordinary. I will be making framed jfl-filmstrips available to you in the U.S.A. soon.

*Click on the thumbnails to view  them a little larger.

Please enjoy these selections today and come back to view them as I shift them in and out.

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Truth Follow our Leader Truth
The Truth, the Whole Truth and nothing but the Truth.

Tragedy Amazing Grace Hope
I was able to photograph the reflection of the World Trade Center Towers from the top of a sight seeing bus shortly before the attack and the cross over the actual site the year after.  The flutist was playing Amazing Grace while leaning against the fence around the cleaned out hole in the ground in July of 2005.

Sport Sports Sports Sports Sports
Sports Cold and Sports Hot

Small Stuff Small Stuff Small Stuff Small Stuff
The Small Stuff

Flowers Flowers Flowers Pretty Stuff
Flower flowers Flowers Pretty
Natural Delights

Attitude Attitude Attitude

Christine Christine Christine
Christine Amazing Stuff

Big Big Full
Full Format

Bedtime Color Fall Spring Fever comes Early
Special Case

Amazing Grace

Amazing Grace - This is the man with the flute leaning against the fence in front of the cross at the World Trade Center Playing "Amazing Grace" on a warm late July Sunday in 2005.

The End of the Bridge   Joseph Lynders sitting at the end of that bridge in Boston

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jfl-filmstrips are about discovering extraordinary images among our ordinary environment right where we happen to be.

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